Looking good

Aesthetic procedures are more the norm these days. No one thinks twice about going in for Botox injections, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction etc. As medical technology has advanced, the number of ways that a person can improve or maintain their looks has also increased. Nowadays aesthetic procedures are not just for the rich and famous. One research puts the number of aesthetic procedures done in a year at around 11.7 million. Out of these 1.4 million procedures were for laser hair removal. 

Laser hair removal has removed the need for constant waxing which is quite painful, or the use of depilatory creams which have other side effects. It is a permanent treatment that ensures that a person can have smooth, hairless skin all the time. 

Hair removal for darker skin types

Many ethnic groups that have darker skin have had to look on in envy as their fair skinned counterparts underwent laser removal hair removal, while they still had to make their painful visit to the salon for a wax, or go through the chore of getting rid of excess hair with depilatory creams. This was because in its early days laser hair removal damaged darker skins. This was mainly because of poor quality control and inexperienced technicians. 

A popular misconception

There is still a belief among darker toned groups that laser hair removal will damage their skin. This is not true as laser hair removal has advanced tremendously and the practitioners are much more experienced. Laser hair removal has become as common as cutting hair. More knowledgeable people with darker skin tones have had their laser hair removal done years ago with no side effects. In fact, these days the sheer numbers who are going in for laser hair removal are so numerous that the practitioners are unable to keep up with the demand, and the waiting list is pretty long.

Different strokes for different folks

It is true however that different colored skin tones need a different approach. So it is important to go to a medical aesthetic professional who are up to date with the latest advancement in the field of laser hair removal techniques with regard to among other things, the skin tones. This will ensure a safe and effective hair removal treatment for individuals. It is also important to educate the client and make sure that they understand how laser hair removal is done, what the process includes and what are the results and possible after effects of the treatment.

Laser Heat and its effect on dark skin

The procedure behind laser hair removal is known as selective photothermolysis. Selected wavelengths of light are used to penetrate the skin to reach the melanin which is inside every hair follicle. This laser light is transformed to heat which diffuses the stem cells in the hair shaft. The proteins in the hair shaft clump together and cause mechanical damage to the follicle. This disrupts re-growth of the hair. 

The laser device used in these hair treatments are sensitive to color and melanin. People with dark skin tones have a higher amount of melanin in their bodies. It is very important for the aesthetic medical practitioner to adjust the device to ensure that the proper wavelength is used, and that the depth of penetration is correct when performing the laser hair removal for dark skinned people. If not set correctly, the skin may get damaged. 

Dark toned people can now safely and simply get rid of excess body hair and enjoy the feel of smooth, clean skin all the time!