Why Excess Hair Removal is Important

The many ways of removing excess hair

Most people have excess hair on their arms and legs removed by waxing or with depilatory creams. Waxing is a rather painful affair and has to be done at least once a month to maintain that smooth, clean look on your skin. Depilatory creams are also a temporary method of getting rid of excess hair. 

Waxing also pulls at the skin and over time, the skin starts to sag. Many depilatory creams darken the skin over a period of time. Electrolysis is another way of permanently removing hair but there have been instances where the hair starts growing back after a while. Many people now prefer to go in for a one time hair removal through laser therapy. This ensures that they have smooth skin all the time. 

Why remove excess hair?

Hairless arms and legs

Having smooth, unblemished and hairless skin makes a woman feel clean and beautiful. It boosts confidence and self-esteem in women. Many women have long hair on their arms and legs and this can look quite ugly. They resort to wearing long skirts and pants, and long sleeved blouses to hide their excess body hair. Since not everyone has the time to run to a salon for a quick wax, they do the next best thing and try to hide it. 

Have a stubble?

Another dilemma with temporary hair removal is that you never know when the right time to remove excess hair is. Sometimes, you can feel the stubble if you run your fingers across the area but the stubble isn’t seen. Then, you are unsure whether to remove the hair or wait a while. Permanent hair removal solves this dilemma.

Keeping your genital areas hairless

Removing hair from the genitals can be very painful and it is advisable not to use depilatory creams in those sensitive areas. Women bravely bear the pain of hair removal in their genital areas especially if they wear bikinis. Having genital hair showing through when wearing a bikini is a definite no-no.

Facial hair

Waxing, threading and depilatory creams are some of the temporary hair removal ways used to remove facial hair. They can be painful and the constant pulling of the skin can cause the skin to sag. The face being a sensitive area is also prone to irritation and itching. 


We have taken a look at hair removal in terms of aesthetics. That is a big factor for hair removal from parts of the body that are visible. But even if you are one of those people who are shy of wearing revealing clothes, it doesn’t mean that you need not bother about hair removal. Having hair under the arms and in the genital areas can be unhygienic. Hair traps dirt and sweat and this could give rise to infections. These areas are kept covered and therefore are moist and humid, making them a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So it is a good idea to get rid of excess hair in these regions.


Under arm hair and hair in the genital areas can make those areas sweat more. This could seep through to your clothes especially if you live in climates that are warm and humid. You will find sweat patches under your arms and quite often in the crotch area if you are wearing light colored shorts or pants. This can look unbecoming. 

It is better to get the excess hair removed from your body permanently as it not only affects the way you look but is unhygienic too!