Derma Fillers versus Botox

The Three Stages of Aging

  • Stage 1 - Light sprinkling of wrinkle formation and an imperceptible loss of volume to facial skin.
  • Stage 2 - Occurs generally between the ages of 40 to 55 with the loss of facial fat which in turn reduces the fullness of the skin which consequently leads to sagging of the skin.
  • Stage 3 - The skin becomes coarse and leathery at the age of 55years and beyond and the wrinkles are very conspicuous.
Depending on the stage of aging, the practitioner will recommend what treatment should be used, which could be either Dermal Fillers or Botox. What then is the difference between Dermal Fillers and Botox and how do they act, what do they cost and what are the pros and cons?

Examining the Difference


  • As the name implies Dermal Fillers fill in the space created by the sagging of skin, where wrinkles have created valleys and furrows on the skin. The fillers are injected into the creases formed and the fillers then act to blow up those dents, adding volume and evening out the wrinkled skin.
  • Several brands of Fillers are available, the main difference between each brand lies in the thickness of the filler. The thicker the filler, the higher will be the plumping effect on erasing lines and wrinkles.
  • However, where the skin is thin, like around the eyes or where “crows feet” appear, a thinner filler must be used. The downside of using a thinner filler, is the that lasting effect is very short and hence frequent visits to your doctor / esthetician will be required, consequently the cost of the treatment becomes very expensive.

  • Botox on the other hand is also a non-surgical procedure like dermal fillers but when very low doses of the natural purified protein is injected into specific muscles , it helps relax the muscles and prevents sagging of the facial skin or elsewhere, wherever Botox has been administrated. Contrary to alarmist stories, Botox when administrated by a reputed clinic will not cause cessation of the ability to show facial emotion as it is administrated to make inconspicuous changes that will arrest the wrinkles from forming and will create a natural appearance.
  • Botox unlike fillers is not as versatile and can be used only in fewer areas on the facial skin.
  • Botox is normally used in areas between the eyebrows, on the forehead, to oust the frown lines, and to erase the vertical lines that form around the mouth region.
  • Botox can also be used to lift loose skin on the eyelids and has to some extent been good for treating acne.
  • Botox is a short-lived treatment, lasting for about 3-4 months and therefore repeated treatments will be required.

Cost of Treatment

  1. Cost of Fillers start from $245 and can vary, depending on the brand of fillers used, the regions which are under treatment and the expertise of the practitioner.
  2. Cost of one Botox session is around $190 per session.
Pros and Cons

  • While the upside of either the Dermal Fillers or Botox treatment is to rejuvenate your skin, the downside and effects need also to be considered.
  • Both Botox and dermal fillers are non-surgical cosmetic procedures but they are basically drugs and can have some serious ramifications.
Making the choice 

  1. Before undertaking the procedure, ensure you consult only with a board certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon or a cosmetic surgeon.
  2. Discuss with your chosen practitioner, the type of treatment you would require and whether dermal fillers or Botox will be used or both.