Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You must have noticed often in desperation how unreal and photo shopped magazine cover girls appear. Then you consoled yourself saying those pictures are heavily edited. However, the fact remains is that at some moments you too must have secretly wished to procure a fabulously sculpted body and glossy smooth skin like supermodels! Good news is that with aesthetic medicine treatments, you can actually acquire such a look!

While a toned and sculpted body is more about hard work, immense dedication and some radical lifestyle changes, getting the velvety smooth skin that those cover girls flaunt is not such a laborious task.  Thanks to technological advancements, now anyone can go for safe and affordable aesthetic treatments.

Laser hair removal is possibly the easiest option if you are trying to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. However like any other treatment, this hair specific removal technique also has its own set of pros and cons. Thus it is advised that you consider both carefully before deciding to go for the treatment.

How does Laser Hair Removal Treatment work?

Before weighing advantages and disadvantages, you must first understand how it works. There are several devices in the market that are used for laser treatment. Each of these follows the same ground principle.

Medical aesthetic practitioners use a specific device to apply heat energy on the skin in the form of a laser beam. This heat is strong enough to penetrate the skin right down to roots of your hair thereby permanently destroying hair follicles. As a result hair growth gets stalled till the time the body replenishes hair follicles.

The pros and cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The first major pro that comes to mind is that it is much less time consuming as compared to other hair removal methods like threading or electrolysis. Laser hair treatment is also less painful than electrolysis. However, in some cases the method can cause temporary side effects like swelling and redness. In certain extreme situations, the person might suffer from skin discoloration and irritation. 

Those who are looking for a lifelong solution should note that laser hair therapy is not a permanent answer to unwanted hair removal. While it does retard the growth process thereby reducing chances of hair reappearance, there always remains the possibility of hair re-growth as human body replenishes itself.

Laser treatment requires several sessions before it starts delivering desired results. This makes the whole process a little expensive than you would like it to be. Even though laser treatment is not an everlasting hair removal solution, it is still effective enough to guarantee long lasting results thus making your expenditures worth it.

To sum it up

Should you go for laser hair removal or some other treatment? Take the decision only after consulting with an expert aesthetic medical practitioner. After all laser treatment is an expensive and elaborate hair removal process. Some risk factors are associated with it too. So don’t take chances. Once you have decided to go for it, get the treatment done by a certified practitioner only to ensure the safest and most effective outcome.