Best Ways to Get Rid Of Age Spots

When your glowing skin starts turning dull and dark with black or brown spots, then it’s a sure sign that your skin needs some extra care. Commonly termed as age spots or liver spots, these can appear everywhere but are primarily noticed on the face, hands and neck. Since these marks start aggravating with age, the name ‘age spot’ came into place. Persons with fair complexion have more reasons to worry about age spots than those with darker skin tone. Before talking about remedies, let’s dig deeper into what exactly causes age spots.

Reasons behind liver spots

Pigmentation is basically caused by greater production of melanin. So what accelerates melanin production? One is ultra-violet rays and the other is growing age. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light over years can result in age spots appearing on the face or back of the hands. Those who need to go out in the sun often can suffer from skin pigmentation. Then of course blame it on your advanced age which might result in enhanced production of melanin.
Are age spots harmful?

A sudden look at liver spots and people might feel these are cancerous! However the fact is apart from rendering your skin a grey, brown or blackish hue, age spots don’t do much harm. Still, it is advisable to consult an aesthetics medical practitioner if the spot turns itchy, sore, unevenly shaped, starts getting bigger or has unusual color combination. 

How to get rid of age spots

Just because you are aging, there is really no reason to let your skin grow dark! So if you are really serious about getting rid of age spots then start exploring various treatment options that match your comfort level and budget. Laser Therapy is one alternative which deters melanin production but without damaging your skin surface. Several sessions are needed to complete the therapy and then few more months for these spots to actually fade. The process of Dermabrasion has also become popular though some might find it painful and uncomfortable. In the process either a wire brush or diamond wheel with rough edges is used to remove the top layer of the skin. As new skin grows, it replaces the damaged part.  Chemical peel is another option which is somewhat similar to Dermabrasion. During chemical peeling, a special kind of acid is applied to burn off the top layer of your skin. Once done, the skin might experience irritation but that only means your dark spots are healing.  If all of the above processes sound too tough or painful then bleaching creams can always come to your rescue. However before applying any such cream do make sure to consult a skincare expert and know whether the particular bleaching agent matches your skin type. 

Stay healthy

Age spots are reflections of hormonal balance which normally happens with advanced age. While you can’t stop the ticking biological clock, few lifestyle changes do help. By eating healthy light food, having enough sleep, doing regular exercises and applying sun screen of a recognized brand, you can surely keep your skin healthy. 

Also, make it a point to include a monthly visit to the skin care specialist in your ‘to-do’ list, once you are steering towards 40. This can surely help handle age related skin problems.