Is Botox Right For You?

When lines and wrinkles on face and neck start stealing your beauty, then it’s time to give beauty treatment a serious thought. Several procedures are getting popular as demand keeps growing to stay youthful and beautiful as you get older. Of these, Botox mainly steals headlines. Containing Botulinum Toxin, the Botox injection helps relax muscles which in turn results in smoothening out fine lines and wrinkles.  It can be effective if you want to get rid of forehead creases, crow’s feet around eyes, fine lines around lips or skin bands on neck. Before finalizing the Botox treatment it is very important to address some serious issues, few of which are discussed below. 

When to consider the Botox procedure

It is a good option for those having moderate to severe wrinkles. Botox can be injected in specific areas like the forehead, around the eyes, the "11 lines" between eyebrows also known as glabella lines and around the neck. The candidate’s general health condition should be good to undergo such treatment. Finally, you need to have realistic expectations about the improvement. Sometimes Botox is adopted to get rid of excessive sweating of palms, soles or underarms.

Generally the age group of mid 30s to mid 40s is considered ideal for Botox injections. However recent trend indicates significant reduction in the age groups as patients in their late 20s to early 30s are also enquiring about this beauty treatment. Aesthetic medicine practitioners feel that there is no such fixed age limit to undergo this anti-aging treatment provided your skin condition demands Botox and your health condition supports it.

Who shouldn’t consider Botox?

There are certain health situations when it would be risky to go for Botox injections.  Those who are allergic to Botox ingredients or other Botulinum Toxin products shouldn’t think of this particular anti-aging procedure. If the candidate has skin infections at the particular point of injection, is pregnant or breast-feeding, or affected with certain muscle or nerve conditions like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or myasthenia gravis shouldn’t consider Botox. Besides someone suffering from severe illness or infections is not a good candidate for Botulinum Toxin injections. 

Points to remember while seeking Botox

It should be done under the guidance of a qualified and experienced doctor or skincare expert who is competent in offering aesthetic medical services. Discuss your requirements in detail and ask the doctor’s opinion about whether your demands can be met or not. Also provide a brief of your health condition so that the doctor can assess your adaptability to the treatment. It is always advisable to have basic knowledge about the procedure. This way you feel comfortable while agreeing to the treatment. A visit to the doctor’s clinic certainly helps in knowing the ambiance, and assessing its hygienic factor. In order to maintain the result, one needs to follow at least 3-4 Botox cycles per year. A wiser approach would be to let the aesthetic medicine practitioner decide the treatment frequency.

Beauty treatments like Botox are meant to enhance your beauty and natural look. So, make sure to do it the right way and avoid disastrous results.