Getting a Tattoo: Five Crucial Facts You Should Beware of

Having a tattoo is one of the coolest trends right now. By flaunting a tattoo on your arm or neck, you look fashionable and get noticed instantly. A tattoo done aesthetically reveals a unique side of your personality. All these sound fine as long as the tattoo work is done properly. You visit a reputable professional to get the tattoo and that might pinch your pocket. To save cost, if you try it with some not-so-famous artistes or do-it-yourself at home, the result can be disastrous. 

Many go for permanent tattooing without knowing its adverse effects. As a result, the one certain thing which happens is that immediately after having the tattoo, they start looking for tattoo removal services.  Hence, before planning to get a tattoo, it’s very important to know the risk factors related to the process. Discussed below are five crucial facts about tattoos, which everyone needs to beware of.

1 Allergic Reactions Caused by Tattoo Ink

The ink used for tattooing can cause serious to mild allergic reactions. Whether you are allergic to the ink can be known only after the tattoo is done. Studies reveal that red, white and yellow colored inks can cause maximum skin reactions, whereas shades like purple, green and black, are comparatively less risky. These sorts of reactions can turn more severe when exposed to sunlight. 

2 Serious Infections Caused from Needles

If the tattooing is done with used needles then that can trigger some very serious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis. Such severe and life-threatening infections get carried by reused needles that have already been applied on someone else. This issue can be easily avoided, by getting the tattoo done from an authorized parlor where chances of using second-hand needles are definitely less. 

3 Discoloration of Skin

Keep this very crucial point in mind before going for a tattoo. Certain portions of the skin where the tattoo will be done get discolored permanently. With time, the skin discoloration might heal and fade away, but it will never be the same again.

4 Scarring or Bruises 

You may notice little lumps or knots around the tattoo areas, as your body fails to cope with the foreign substance i.e. tattoo ink. Sometimes large bruises or halos are noticed around the tattooed area. This happens, if a blood vessel is ruptured during the procedure. In most cases, these skin conditions heal with time, but a few can turn really serious. 

5 Complications during MRI Scans

If you are going for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan, then be prepared for some swelling or burning sensation in the tattooed areas, especially where black or red inks are used. This happens because of the presence of excessive iron in these dyes. Iron as a conductor of electricity causes the magnetic fields to rapidly change during the imaging process.  This can trigger excessive heating of the tattooed area, thus leading to inflammation or skin irritation. 

Awareness is the best way to have safe tattoos. May be you have already done permanent tattooing, and not happy with the outcome. Then standard tattoo removal services can help you out of this jam.