Restylane Treatment: Five Safety Aspects You Should Consider

When your face starts showing wrinkles and folds, and lips start losing volume then you know it’s time to give beauty treatments a serious thought. Skin aging is a process which happens naturally with every woman. Sometimes a jar of beauty cream acts just fine to keep your skin hydrated. The problem arises, when your skin ages prematurely or the wrinkles and folds take a nasty turn thus impacting your appearance. This is when beauty treatments like Restylane can come to your rescue. 

The Restylane family of products is basically defined as dermal fillers which are injected in gel form to correct mild and often severe wrinkles, skin folds, lip lines, etc. While anyone above 21 years of age can opt for this treatment, it is very important for you to consider the basic safety aspects before you start Restylane. Continue reading to know more, please.

Avoid Restylane if you have allergy or bleeding disorder

Restylane products should be avoided by those who have a previous medical history of bad allergies, particularly something caused by gram-positive bacteria. Those who tend to suffer from serious drug allergies and have been hospitalized previously need to consider Restylane carefully. Furthermore, this dermal filler should be avoided by people who suffer from bleeding disorders.

Avoid using it at the site of skin infection

If Restylane is applied at the site of pimples, skin rashes, cysts or other infection, then it can aggravate sore skin condition. Often the treatment can delay the healing process and in most cases the skin condition takes a worse turn. So wait for your skin infection to subside before considering the dermal filler.

Avoid it if pregnant or breastfeeding

Doctors often say ‘no’ for Restylane to pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding. While there is no confirmed report which proves that Restylane enters blood stream to affect breast milk or the fetus, still the safest approach would be to stay away from dermal fillers till the pregnancy and breastfeeding periods are over.

Beware of its side effects

Yes, there are side effects of Restylane products which do turn serious sometimes. Typically one might experience redness, bruises, swelling, tenderness, or pain at areas where the Restylane is injected. Normally these side effects last for a maximum of 14 to 18 days, depending on the area of application. Patients aged over 35 years are most likely to experience more swelling and bruising than those below this age group. Again severity of side effects would depend on one’s endurance level.

Be careful of the treatment volume

Success of the Restylane treatment depends a lot on its proper application. The quantity to be injected should be limited to a maximum of 6.0 ml in case of wrinkles and folds, whereas for lip lines the volume can be a maximum of 1.5 ml. It is a total misconception that injecting more volume would result in faster result! Injecting higher dose involves rather the risk of moderate to severe reactions at the injection site.

It is always a good idea to get in touch with a reputable skincare expert or aesthetic medicine practitioner to be sure of a safe and successful Restylane treatment.