5 Useful Tips for You to Avoid Loose Skin after Weight Loss

Shedding weight is one great achievement which needs to be celebrated – not mourned. However, the fact remains that with contention comes some needless worries. Loose skin is perhaps the greatest worry which can actually mar your weight loss celebration. Often, after a successful weight loss program, many have this feeling that they have won in one domain but lost in another!

Truly, sagging skin is not a welcome sight no matter which age group you belong to. By adopting some simple strategies, you can easily improve skin elasticity, and tighten the areas which might have been affected during the bariatric procedure. Discussed below are some useful tips for you to avoid loose skin after weight loss.

1. Reduce weight gradually

You might be in a hurry to shed those extra pounds, but it is very important that you monitor the program carefully.  Your skin which has got adjusted to your current weight might shrink noticeably, while trying to adjust to the new size. So if you continue to shed weight fast, the skin continues to lose its elasticity which is never desirable. It would be better for you to reduce weight gradually.

2. Use collagen creams

You can use collagen creams specifically made to control sagging skin. These creams keep your skin in a nourished condition thus preventing wrinkle appearance. Collagen creams of reputable brands might be a bit pricey, but the expense surely justifies the outcome. Moisturizers with Vitamin E and essential oils also work wonders in such cases. Get in touch with an aesthetic medicine practitioner to know which cream would best suit your skin type.

3. Limit sun exposures

Try to avoid excessive sun exposures, as it can affect your skin elasticity.  The suggestion applies to tanning beds too. Ultra-violet rays can turn your skin dry and often damage the skin cells. Limit your swimming schedule in chlorinated water, as chlorine also adversely affects skin cells. After sun bathing or swimming, do take a shower, and don’t forget to apply a natural moisturizer that suits your skin.

4. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water

Take a close look at your eating habits. It might be real tough but try to stay away from oily, fried and sweet dishes. Replace these spoilers with green vegetables and fruits which come with high water content. Add lean protein to your diet to acquire a better toned look. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to keep your skin in hydrated condition. Such a diet not only helps control your weight, but also adds a natural glow to your skin.

5. Go in for skin correction therapy

If your sagging skin has reached a point that it can’t be revitalized the natural way, then the only option left is skin tightening and wrinkle reduction therapy. However, for any kind of cosmetic laser treatment, one needs to get in touch with a skincare expert who can offer accurate guidance in picking up the right procedure.
Better not explore solutions on your own, if you feel that your weight loss program is to blame for stretched skin. The prudent approach would be to consult an aesthetic medicine expert to decide on the right course of action.