Five Mistakes You should Avoid while Treating Acne

There are some skin problems about which people have terribly wrong notions. Acne is the most apt example in this regard. It is a very common skin problem which typically occurs during teen years. The general idea – wrong it is – is that it can be cured by tanning or over-washing. Some believe it is possible to get rid of acne faster by applying excessive and expensive products only. It is astounding to note that almost 40% of Americans spend a whopping 1.5 billion dollars and more on acne products but without satisfactory results. In most cases nothing is done to address the actual skin problem which results in the recurrence of acne after a certain period.

If you wonder why so many people keep struggling with acne, then the answer is their inadequate knowledge about this skin problem. Many think that they can handle the situation on their own. They decide to visit a skincare expert only when the situation gets out of hand. Discussed below are five common mistakes which you need to avoid while treating acne.

Getting impatient

Just like any skin problem, acne also takes time to heal.  Your skin might take six to twelve weeks before responding to the treatment. Generally skincare experts suggest using a particular product for at least a month. If any improvement is noticed then the product should be continued for longer period. It’s no use getting impatient to get quick results overnight.

Trying too many options at a time

The one grave mistake almost everyone commits while attempting to treat acne is using too many products at a time. You purchase a particular product, and after using it for few days feel it is no good. Then you switch over to another product and then to yet another and the process continues. Some acne patients believe that a combination of two or more products can prove to be more effective. On the contrary, such a combination application serves only to irritate your skin and aggravate acne further.

Excessive scrubbing or cleansing

Many have the tendency to over-wash or over-scrub their acne-prone skin. They don’t realize the fact that this practice actually damages the skin’s protective layer. The right thing to do is to apply gently a mild pH-balanced cleanser to the skin, and then to wash off the product thoroughly to reduce inflammation.

Selecting wrong beauty products for acne-prone skin

Exercise great care in picking up skincare products for acne-prone skin. Stay away from too strong cleansers and alcohol-based beauty products. Skin solutions that contain oil can clog pores in the skin, thus leading to severe acne breakouts. You should pick up non-comedogenic products (those that do not cause blocked pores) to prevent the clogging of pores in acne-prone skin.

Delayed visit to the aesthetic medical practitioner

Many of us are unaware of the varied tools and solutions that aesthetic medical practitioners have at their disposal today to treat acne. This is perhaps the reason why visiting a dermatologist or a skincare expert for acne treatment is always delayed. Medical appointment is sought only when the skin condition turns painful, causes scarring and starts affecting their appearance.
If you want your skin to be flawless and if you desire permanent relief from acne, then it’s very important to do the right things. Don’t shy away from seeking expert advice if you feel you have already committed one or more of the above mistakes.