Popular Skin Care Products: Five Common Ingredients You should Know

Don’t we all love flawless and smooth skin? – a glowing and party-ready one all the time? It’s definitely possible nowadays with a number of beauty products available over the counter at affordable prices.

There are various products made for different skin conditions – from pimples and red spots to skin tension and sun tan. The numerous ingredients that go into the preparation of these products can help lighten your skin, polish it and even add to it vibrancy and glow.

If you want to pamper yourself with beauty treatments and products, it is necessary for you to help avoid skin allergies and other adverse side effects associated with them. So here’s, for your benefit, a brief about a few ingredients commonly found in popular skin care products.

Retinol: an animal form of Vitamin A

Anti-aging creams are quite popular and retinol is mostly found in these creams. Retinol is made from an animal form of Vitamin A. It boosts collagen production and clears crow’s feet – clusters of wrinkles, and fine lines. It improves skin tone and reduces dark patches and pigmentation.

Vitamin C antioxidant

With age, your body produces less collagen, which is required to keep your skin strong, supple and resilient. Antioxidants found in Vitamin C boost collagen production, which in turn reduces age-related skin problems and acne scars. Besides, Vitamin C can be seen in anti-ageing creams and lotions used to treat scars and pigmentations.

Alpha-Lipoic acid as an antioxidant

This is one ingredient which is naturally produced by the human body. Since its production gets reduced with age, it needs to be replenished with a cream or lotion. As it attacks free radicals throughout the body, it helps ease fine lines and wrinkles, and also diminish pores. Ultimately you get a glowing skin.

Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA)

Alpha-hydroxy acid is an organic acid – a mix of glycolic, lactic, citric and tartaric acids – that has been in use for skin rejuvenation for centuries. It can be commonly found in toners and acne creams, and anti-ageing and fairness products. It has been attested for its ability to exfoliate and remove dead cells, making your skin look fresh, smooth and radiant. Fine lines, pigmentation, acne scars and uneven skin tone can be handled with creams which contain AHA.

Polyphenols from green tea

Polyphenols are natural plant compounds extracted from green tea. They are mainly used in sunscreens and anti-wrinkle creams. Polyphenols in creams have the ability to fight free radicals and reduce thus wrinkles and pigmentation. Also, they protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

In a nutshell, there are many ingredients that go into the making of a perfect and effective beauty product. Some are even capable of tackling more than one skin problem. Keeping your skin healthy and glowing is good, but an awareness of what actually goes into the process is equally important.
Picking up blindly a product, because of its media hype, is never advisable. If you are not sure of what kinds of ingredients best suit your skin sans problems, then do seek the expert advice of an aesthetic medicine practitioner. That would be the right course of action for you to take the best care of your skin.