Five Unusual Causes of Skin Pigmentation You should be Aware of

Skin pigmentation is a common problem which can occur at any age; it is seen in both men and women. You may be unaware of the fact that some of your daily habits can affect your skin immensely, resulting in dark spots and premature aging. 

Before you start thinking about home remedies or other treatments to get rid of unwanted skin spots, you should be familiar with the common causes of this problem. Listed below are five such causes which you can easily take care of. Sure, you want to avoid skin pigmentation, which you may unwittingly ask for.


Excess heat during cooking is directly related to skin pigmentation. If your skin is prone to develop skin spots easily, it is necessary that you take care of your skin during cooking.

You should cook on low flame, and thereby protect your skin from intense heat. If you can’t do without intense heat, do apply a protective cream on exposed skin, before you enter the kitchen. Also it is good for you to stay away from sauna bath, and the steam room as well.

Regular skin bleaching

Regular skin bleaching deals with skin discolorations and dark tone; however, it can change the color of your skin for the worse. 

As it is done by applying very strong chemicals on your skin, it leads often to harmful reactions. This ultimately results in skin pigmentation.

If you just can’t avoid bleaching totally, get cosmetic expert advice on the safest products. This should ensure minimal harmful effect for your skin. 

Exposure to sunlight

Sun exposure is one of the prime causes of skin spots. The problem gets aggravated, if you don’t take proper precaution while going out during daytime. Application of sunscreen lotion of at least 30 SPF is highly suggested, before you step out of home.

It can be reapplied every two hours. Don’t be under the impression that you need not apply sunscreen on a cloudy day. It doesn’t matter whether the day is sunny or cloudy; sunrays can always penetrate your skin, causing dark spots, freckles, acnes and many other skin conditions. 

Inappropriate skincare products

Regular use of skincare products can directly benefit or harm your skin. So, it is advisable that you take enough care in the selection of such products; they should match your particular skin type and its nature.

If needed, you may seek the advice of a skincare expert, who would be able to guide you on the best option for your skin.

Don’t fall for market hype, as many products which are highly publicized might be harmful to your skin. If your skin is sensitive to cosmetic products, you should buy them after consulting an aesthetic medicine practitioner.    

Hormonal disorders

Certain health conditions related to thyroid, liver or kidney can result in hormonal imbalance. This disorder may soon manifest as skin problems. You need to consult a doctor immediately to treat the key health problem; that would automatically give you relief from your skin problems.

Use of perfumes 

Are you one of those people, who just can’t leave home without a perfume spray? Is your skin sensitive to allergens? Caution: your favorite perfume may lead to skin pigmentation. In such a scenario, either you have to stop using perfumes altogether, or avoid a direct spray on your skin.

To sum up, a basic awareness of issues and an occasional visit to a skincare expert can surely help you avoid many problems of skin pigmentation.