Are You a Teenage Girl? Should You Go for Laser Hair Removal?

Your teen years are the most sensitive period of your life! Peer pressure can make or break your confidence. Often it is about studies, and more often about your looks.

Unwanted hair growth in certain parts of your body is one thing you detest about your looks, which can turn your life miserable. It can make you become more anxious, if you are an aspiring model or sportsperson; it may even take a heavy toll on your potentials. 

Different hair removal procedures

Sure, you want to get rid of unwanted hair growth, and there are several choices available.  Shaving is the easiest and cheapest way to remove unwanted hair, but it can leave you with ingrown hairs.

Application of hair removal cream often causes harmful chemical burns. Waxing can be done only when the hair has grown full length.

In comparison, laser hair removal is a safer cosmetic treatment that assures long-lasting outcome sans dangerous side effects. And that is why it is the most popular and preferred cosmetic procedure.

However, the procedure is best carried out by a trained and certified aesthetic medicine practitioner. Here we take a look at a few basics of laser hair removal, and its implications for you.

Preferred age group for laser 

For you, as a teenage girl, the safest age to start laser hair removal is no less than 14 years, when you’ve attained puberty. And yet, an early teen-year laser might not ensure long-lasting results.

The highly preferred age group is 17 to 19 years, when your hormonal imbalance is largely under control.  Furthermore, it is important that you enjoy stable health, without any serious medical conditions like polycystic ovary. 

Teenage laser treatment: pros and cons

Every hair removal process has its pros and cons. The same holds true for laser hair removal as well. If done in early teen years, the effect won’t last long; inevitably, the hair removal cost would be on the higher side.

In addition, you need to be mature enough to follow all the steps of the procedure with care, bearing the discomfort that goes with it.

On the other hand, the result will be amazing, if the procedure is timed well, and carried out by a trained skincare expert. You can walk about happily with unscarred shiny skin, which would surely help boost your confidence level. 

Important safety measures

Prior to the laser hair removal schedule, you should avoid excess sun exposure. If you need to go out during daytime, you must use an effective sunscreen cream.

In fact, beauty experts suggest the use of sunscreen for a month or so after completion of the laser, to prevent discoloration of the treated area. After the treatment, you should stay away from strenuous exercise schedules. An eye protection measure is necessary during the laser treatment.  

Laser hair removal decision is quite a significant step in your life. You would do well to seek the guidance of a certified skincare expert.