Rejuvenating Aging Skin with Skin Pen

Bringing back your youthful look has never been easier. Nothing comes close to Skin Pen micro therapy to enhance the overall look of your skin and ward off telltale signs of aging like fine lines. No scars, no recovery time and you enjoy immediate results! Can you ask for more? Here, we will walk you through the next big step in micro therapy using Skin Pen.

What is skin pen?

A skin pen is a cosmetic micro needling device that helps remove fine lines, wrinkles or stretch marks in any part of your body.

Micro needling with skin pen

Micro needling with skin pen is a minimally invasive skin renewal technology that works well on all skin types, including dark skin. A set of fine stainless steel needles set into a head creates tiny micro channels in your skin, with least damage to the epidermis. As your skin has self-healing properties, these micro injuries naturally activate releasing of growth factors that are responsible for production of collagen and elastin.

The repair process spans three stages.

Stage 1: Micro needles in the skin pen trigger your immune system to get rid of debris, and stimulate blood flow. New tissue begins to form at this stage.

Stage 2:  Your skin is rejuvenated with new cells and a new network of blood vessels.

Stage 3: New dermal tissues and blood vessels begin to replace the wounded or aged skin. Collagen of a stronger type replaces the newly formed tissue, creating a tightening effect on the skin, like that of a shrink-wrap.

The number of sessions a patient needs is based on their specific skin condition. If your aesthetic medical practitioner thinks you may need more than a single session, she may space them a month apart.


Skin Pen is a safe method, which you can use to erase fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used to treat not only wrinkles and fine lines, but also acne scars, hyper pigmentation and sun damage. It can work on your face, neck, bust, abdomen, back or any other part of your body.

The skin returns to normalcy in as little as 24 hours for most patients. Practically there is no recovery time, no anesthesia, very less risk of scarring and infection and – Voila! – results are almost instant for you to rave about! The vertical technology employed in skin pen micro needling paves way for added precision.

The micro needles used come with adjustable length. The disposable straight needles help pierce at a 90-degree angle; the needle depth adjusts from 0.25 mm to 2 mm. The practitioner can thus modify the treatment, based on the patient’s skin thickness as well as his/her unique needs.

Traditional micro needling derma rollers can twist, break or even oxidize, which could lead to a possible infection. In comparison, skin pen is much superior, as it has no such hassle.

Safety and aftercare

The procedure is less invasive, with a recovery time of 1-3 days. The healing time varies from individual to individual. The slight swelling and redness that most patients experience ease off after 2-4 days. You may have to stick stringently to the post-procedure protocol, which your expert aesthetic medical practitioner advises to ease off inflammation and soothe the skin.