Work out your Way to Healthy Skin

Swimming, jogging, cycling, water aerobics, cardio challenges, fast walking and power yoga, among several others, are the buzzwords today in a world that is getting increasingly health-conscious. Squat, crunch, lift, jump or run, you do wonders for your health and keep your body fit and toned.

That is not all. Did you know there is a lovely special benefit of exercising your body? That’s fabulous skin, which you and I would love to get. Yes, exercise not only makes your body strong but also your skin radiant: more follows.

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Exercise nourishes skin

Working up a good sweat is like getting a mini facial. Your skin pores dilate and the sweat flushes out trapped dirt and oil. When you get your heart pumping, the skin gets a good dose of oxygenated blood that nourishes your skin.

The improved blood flow supplies nutrients to the skin, perking up in turn collagen production that makes your skin soft and supple. Exercise also releases happy hormones that give your skin a natural glow.

Eases off wrinkles

As you age, the top outer layer of your skin becomes drier and denser, and the layer just below the surface begins to lose elasticity. Loose and sagging skin gives away easily your age. Well, Botox and other advanced skin treatments could be the next best alternative.

On the other hand, if you are in the initial stages of skin aging, or looking for cost-effective solutions, you can start doing moderately strenuous activities like cycling or jogging. Face yoga is yet another choice that fitness specialists suggest in order to let no flab into your neck and facial muscles.

Keeps acne at bay

Stress and acne go together. Physical activity in any form improves blood flow and releases feel-good hormones that help bust your anxieties. This in turn makes you feel good, which by itself helps ward off acne outbreak. Moderate aerobic exercises like brisk walking, swimming, jogging, rowing and playing tennis do work their magic on your overall physical and mental well being.

Post-workout skin care

Remember: sweat from exercise can irritate your skin. It is most important for you to wash up and bathe, if you are acne-prone. Carry some gentle fragrance-free wipes when you hit the gym. Wiping your face and taking a shower post workout is important to prevent sucking back into skin pores of dirt and dead cells.

Go on a skin-friendly diet

Eating your way to gorgeous skin ensures better outcomes than pampering your skin with beauty products. Combining exercise with a skin-friendly diet will definitely work wonders on your skin. Reduce sugar as much as possible.

Swap refined and processed foods with fruits and vegetables of different colors. Make green juice your daily food buddy to feed your skin inside out.

Make sure to strike a healthy balance adding carbs and proteins. Drink adequate amounts of water to help flush out toxins. Supplement your diet with skin-toning omega-3 fatty acids found in walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds and sardines.

Foods like almond butter, sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, pumpkin and wheat germ keep you charged with vitamins A and E. Keep your skin firm and supple; increase your vitamin C intake, including foods like strawberry, citrus fruits, kale, bell pepper and broccoli.

A note of caution: you may not see in a day the positive outcomes of exercise. If you feel your skin is well past the stage of regaining its young look, it is best to consult a qualified aesthetic medicine expert for effective, heartening solutions.