Your Ideal Diet this Summer

Summer is indeed a much-awaited season by all. This is the time you can give in to all your desires to be in the outdoors without having to worry about cold or rain. It is the time when your lovely colorful, sleeveless and sheer clothes come out from the closet and can be flaunted with no overcoats or sweaters to mask. This is also the time when you want to indulge in innumerable ice creams and cold drinks to beat the heat.

But did you realize that in the midst of all this you also have to be careful of the Sun? You have to be very careful of its effect on your skin. Even while enjoying the summer, you should also consider how best you can plan your menu to ensure you don’t suffer from sun burns, pigmentation, wrinkles and the other many side effects of the harsh sun on your skin. A smarter food choice will ensure a healthier and cooler Summer You.

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Vegetables and Fruits for this summer

Diet plays an important role in how we look irrespective of the impact of the weather around us. Haven’t we all heard of the adage, “You Are What You Eat”? Our skin is the largest organ in our body and as such it is also the first to show signs of poor nutrition and aging. While the Sun does add aging lines to the face, a good summer-friendly diet can perform wonders to keep your skin protected throughout summer. Eating properly and keeping yourselves well hydrated all through the day will ensure that you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about possible damages to your skin.

Here are a few vegetables and fruits that will help you beat the summer nutritiously:


Top most on the list is the red and luscious water melon. Whoever can resist the refreshing sweetness of this fruit? With 90% of its weight being water, and loaded with Vitamin C, watermelon tops the list in the Must-Have category of fruits. It helps produce healthy collages and prevents signs of aging from showing up on your skin. An added advantage is that a cup of watermelons is just 44 calories. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and bite into a thick slice of this large fruit.

*  Coconut Water

Next on the list is the humble and yet mighty coconut. Hard on the outside you wouldn’t believe the sweetness of its water inside unless you have truly tried it. Every time you find yourself yearning for a cool and sweet drink take a sip of coconut water instead of reaching out for the sugar-laden drinks arranged ubiquitously in the store aisle just to tempt you. The potassium and electrolytes in this sweet water-like liquid boost circulation in the body and help more nutrients to get absorbed. A youthful and supple skin is a natural by product.

* Berries

All berries – raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries - are each delicious in their own way but did you know that they are all also packed with antioxidants that can protect your skin from the harmful effects of the Sun? While blueberries reduce the redness of sensitive skins, strawberries enhance the production of collagen fibres that help keep your skin smooth and supple.

Citrus Fruits

Whichever be the citrus fruit that comes to your mind, it is probably good for your skin – lemons, oranges, grapefruits. Apart from the strong dose of Vitamin C that they can provide, the amino acids like proline and lysine boost collagen production which of course is essential to keep your skin pliant.

Among these, lemons require a special mention considering their effectiveness in combating a whole bunch of health issues, right from infections and constipation to wrinkles and blackheads. The citric acid in lemons can help remove pimples and acne while the Vitamin C in them boosts collagen production. A mix of lemon juice and sugar acts as an exfoliant, retaining the natural firmness of the skin.


Next in line, the kiwi is another fruit that is as tasty as it is good for the skin. Packed with Vitamins C and E and with antioxidants, kiwis offer protection against UV damage on the skin. In fact, it is believed that kiwis pack in more Vitamin C than the citrus fruits do.

*  Avocados

While the jury is still out on whether to classify the avocado as a fruit or a vegetable (like the tomato), let us stay focussed on its ‘super-food’ characteristics. Apart from the large amount of Vitamin C that they contain, avocadoes come packed with the free radical quenching antioxidant carotenoids like alpha carotene, beta carotene, beta cryptoxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. All of these are effective fighters against wrinkles, fine lines and other visible signs of aging. Ripened avocadoes are commonly mashed and used as face masks.

* Cucumbers, tomatoes and dandelion greens

Being mostly water, cucumbers are excellent for keeping your skin hydrated. Who knew they had uses beyond soothing puffy eyes? You can use cucumber slices to even massage your face and wash it off for a refreshing feel.

The lycopene in tomatoes make them the ideal food to protect your skin cells. It promotes collagens, reduces sunburn and even fights fine lines and wrinkles. Studies show that tomatoes can potentially reverse the aging process!

A tasty and crunchy addition to salads, dandelion greens contribute a hefty dose of Vitamins A, C and K to your diet. Often overlooked as a weed, all the parts of a dandelion plant are useful, particularly for the skin. The amazing news is that dandelions have the ability to detoxify the skin resulting in clearer pores and improved complexion. Dandelions are effective for both combination and sensitive skins and are often prescribed for acne and eczema conditions.

Eaten singly or as a mix, cut or juiced, ensure you get plenty of these fruits and vegetables into your system throughout this summer, and enter the next season fully charged and looking your best.

And if you still seem to suffer from skin issues, make an appointment right away with a skin specialistto rule out any underlying medical factors.