RevLite Tattoo Removal for All Your Tattoo Troubles

Tattoos, when they become undesirable, are no longer permanent markings on the body that you need to put up with. Tattoo removal using LASER provides a safe and effective solution.

RevLite tattoo removal successfully eliminates black as well as coloured tattoos. The technology used is Photoacoustic Technology Pulse (PTP) which provides peak power in short pulse bursts. The pulses are only around 3-7 ns in length. The LASER used is the Q- switched Nd: YAG which delivers energy uniformly making it safer as well as more successful compared to other LASERs. This particular LASER is used worldwide to target any kind of skin pigmentation as its superiority in this domain remains unquestioned. The LASER is focussed on the ink alone and the skin remains unharmed.

Image Courtesy: Pexels 
So what exactly happens when the LASER beam is focussed on the tattooed area?

The LASER heats up the inked molecules which absorb the LASER and expand. As the LASER is applied in pulses, the molecules cool down for a short period before they are subjected to another blast of LASER. This alternate heating and cooling breaks up the tattoo particles and makes them much smaller than what they were. Now, the rest of the tattoo removal is handled by the body’s White Blood Cells (WBC). The WBC, recognizing the tattoo particles as foreign intruders, takes them to the liver from where they are flushed out by the body’s natural processes.  
Facts to Be Aware of Before a Tattoo Removal Session

Duration for tattoo removal depends on individual tattoos. The size of the tattoo, the tattoo colour, the skin colour, the type of ink used, the age of the tattoo and its placement on the body, all play a role in determining the number of sessions that will be required for tattoo removal.

Larger tattoos are obviously going to take a longer time for removal. As far as the colour of the tattoo is concerned, contrary to popular perception, darker colours are easier to remove that lighter ones. The contrast between skin colour and tattoo colour also comes into consideration. The more the contrast, the easier it is to remove the tattoo. Beryllium ink if used presents more of a challenge for removal than other ink varieties. Also, an older tattoo that has already faded will take lesser time for removal and so will tattoos located on the head or neck compared to other body parts.

Advantages of RevLite LASER
  • Usage of multiple wavelengths targets a wide range of coloured tattoo inks.
  • Even small areas can be treated without harming the skin.
  • It is extremely accurate and adjustments as low as 0.1 mm can be made when targeting the tattooed area.