Morpheus8: The New-Gen Anti-Aging Product

What's the fuss?

Today every magazine and billboard is touting new anti-aging products and services with fake promises of taking you back in time. However, one technique is cutting through the clutter and rising as a powerful weapon in the war against aging- Microneedling and radiofrequency (RF) technology. In this domain, Morpheus8 gives best results across your entire body.

Before we get into Morpheus8, let's understand the concept behind this technology.

Microneedling is also famous as CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy). In CIT, tiny needles are used to penetrate the skin, which creates small channels through which new collagen is passed, and this helps the skin to heal. However, micro-needling with radiofrequency takes the process to a whole another level. RF provides radio-generated heat to the skin, which helps in the treatment by tightening the skin and contour undesired fat. 

The Morpheus8 difference

Morpheu8 is designed to address the entire body, and it infiltrates deep into the skin and fat to fractionally contour your face and body.

The Morpheus8 penetrates 4,000 microns along with a thermal profile of 1000+ microns. It means that it goes deep into your tissues and reconstructs the developing blocks in the natural occurring anti-aging process.

The results are always uniform, irrespective of your skin type, and there is no thermal damage to your skin and there are minimal chances of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (discoloration), which is a commonly found side effect in other resurfacing techniques. 

What it can Morpheus8 do for you, and why is everybody talking about it? 

Reduces plump skin and wrinkles without surgery or damage, and it is scientifically proven!

Morpheus8 possesses a unique combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency energy, which is known as 'fractionated RF energy.' This energy reduces wrinkles and rebuilds collagen. Moreover, it also helps in rebuilding fat cells, which gives a plumper appearance to sagging skin. 

Unlike other devices that use monopolar RF energy, Morpheus8 uses bipolar RF energy. This technology works just fine with all skin types and possesses no harm to your skin. 

No downtime or preparation required

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, more than 100,000 men and women in the United States go for surgical face-lifts every year. Not only these face-lift surgeries are expensive but also requires you to change your habits for weeks before the surgery with a long recovery period. 

Whereas the Morpheus8 treatment requires no preparation or downtime, and it only takes less than an hour for the treatment, and after that, you can directly go back to your regular activities.

Result says it all!

Morpheus8 is FDA-approved for efficacy and safety. It delivers extraordinary results for skin laxity around the neck, jowl, and chin. It also minimizes lines, reduces wrinkles, and tightens sagging skin.

Morpheus 8 other benefits include:
  • Uniform effect and incredibly smooth skin
  • Works on all skin type and tones
  • Dense fractional treatment
  • Long-lasting results
  • Minimally invasive and nonsurgical
Is Morpheus8 the right choice for you? 

If you're between 30 and 60 years old, and you want more natural, youthful, and overall looking contour, then Morpheus8 could be the ideal solution for you.