How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Cracked and painful, chapped lips often cause plenty of problems, especially during the winter. This is an even more persistent problem for people who always have dry lips no matter what kind of lip balm they use. 

If you face the issue of chapped lips during the winter, there are ways to keep them soft and flake-free. The ideal solution is to consult a beauty expert or an esthetician, who can treat this issue through non-invasive methods, which you can rely on every season to keep your skin soft and smooth

If you live in and around California, a leading skincare clinic in San Jose can quickly solve your chapped lips problem and other skin issues.




Causes of Chapped Lips

The lethal combination of frosty winds and frigid temperatures can quickly lead to parched lips. However, chapped lips happen due to the lips' inflammation, also called "cheilitis" in the aesthetic term. 

The skin in our lips is more delicate and thinner than the skin in the other parts of the body, and it also has a relatively smaller concentration of oil glands compared to the rest of the skin. 

Due to constant exposure to the harsh environment and other factors, such as cold weather, UV ray, pollution, and makeup, inflammation occurs in lips from time to time. It results in skin irritation, inflammatory dryness, and flaking.

Although chapped lips are a common problem, you need to take appropriate care to prevent the condition from worsening. You can ask an esthetician about the type of lip products you should use for regular maintenance. The first thing an esthetician may probably suggest you is to avoid using lipsticks to prevent severely chapped lips because lipsticks make lips dry. 

You may come across many women who never have chapped lips. They will tell you not wearing lipstick is the main reason, no matter how irresistible it feels. It is not that you cannot use lipstick at all. Just be a little careful during the winter because the dryness in the air, along with lipsticks, can make your lips chapped in no time. If you cannot give up lipstick, you need to treat your lips well to keep-off dryness. 

These days, new moisturizing lipsticks have arrived in the market, which can keep the lips moist. You may witness some improvement in your lip condition if you use those new lipsticks instead of the traditional ones. 

If you try a moisturizing lipstick, observe if the product helps moisturize your dry, chapped lips. Based on the results, you can use the product regularly. Beauty experts suggest using a moisturizing lipstick with a minimum of SPF 15 to protect your lips from the sun as well. 

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, now we have to wear a facemask while stepping out. You can use it to your advantage and stop wearing lipstick. Right now, with your face covered, no one can see what kind of makeup or lipstick you are wearing. Giving this break will give your lip tissue the much-needed breather from the drying effects of lipstick. Consult a skincare clinic in San Jose if you live nearby to get proper guidance.




Chapped Lips Remedy

Estheticians and beauty experts usually recommend using non-petroleum lip balms for chapped lips. Even at night, you can treat your chapped lips by applying a non-petroleum lip balm.

In moderate chapped lips cases, you can repair your lips by applying a hydrating lip balm throughout the day and before going to bed. However, in severe chapped lips cases, the skin gets too dry and often starts peeling. To improve the condition, gently use a scrub to remove existing flakes and apply an emollient lip balm. This simple treatment will gradually slough away excessive dry skin before using a soothing lip balm.

The secret to keeping your lips moisturized is to keep them hydrated at all times, even after eating and drinking. Besides, do not forget to apply a thick layer of gentle lip balm right before hitting the sack.

Again, going by the advice of beauty experts and estheticians, avoid lip products that contain alcohol. The cosmetics market has plenty of lip care products with alcohol hidden in its ingredients, which will eventually make your lips dry. Besides, also stay away from flavored lip balms and bold synthetic fragrances, as they can dry out the lips further and eventually chapped. 




Closing Words

When it comes to chapped lips, some of the everyday habits you need to shun are lip-smacking and lip-licking because they lead to dry, chapped lips. Besides keeping your lips hydrated by consistently using non-petroleum and non-alcohol-based lip balms, you can also consult an esthetician for non-invasive lip augmentation, which is an integral part of lip aesthetics.

Our qualified estheticians can guide you about maintaining the moisture in your lips at our skincare clinic in San Jose to prevent dryness and chapping. We strictly comply with all the regulations regarding sanitization and social distancing due to the ongoing pandemic.

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