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With the growth of the global medical aesthetics industry predicted to reach USD 15.9 billion by 2025, it becomes a necessity to know more about the field. Also, North America seems to hold the major share in the global medical aesthetics market with the increasing number of people opting for non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures. 

There are many places that offer these cosmetic procedure services, but you will have to filter out the best. These procedures are performed by professionals in hospitals, but some are also available in hair salons and spas. In this article, we would like to clear out the confusion between spa aesthetics and medical aesthetics to make a conscious choice. 

  1. License Is a Must

Whichever choice you make, be it medical spas or salons, you must ensure that the person working on your case has license to practice the procedure. Each state might have different regulations for aesthetical license. 

When you choose to go with medical settings for an aesthetic treatment, the licensed aesthetician works under a physician, and thus the range of treatments he/she is allowed to perform broadens. Most times, the nurses in medical settings will also have an aesthetic license. 

As for spas, you should make sure that the person treating you is licensed. Spas are a more casual setting, and thus it is best to limit your treatment to non-invasive procedures. 

  1. Figure Out the Reason for Treatment

Usually when a person approaches a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon, it is with the expectation of getting treated for something, be it a skin condition or more severe cases. The dermatologist refers this person to the aesthetician for treatment and further directions. Thus, if you have a mole that you want to get checked or conditions like acne, dermatitis and such, then it is best to approach an aesthetician in a medical setting. This way you can get a diagnosis and treatment for the condition. 

On the other hand, spas are places you visit when you want to relax and pamper yourself. Spa aesthetic centers offer treatments that are facial-based and are at low levels of risk. Thus, if you want a day to reward yourself with hand and foot massages, eyebrow microblading, and other body treatments, then aesthetic spas must be your pick. 

  1. Safety Is the Priority

Depending on the aesthetic treatment that you are intending to get, you can choose between a medical setting and spas. For example, if you are looking for a simple procedure like chemical peeling and laser hair removal, then the spa aesthetician will be licensed to do these even though there might be restrictions on the chemicals they use for peels and others.

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But if you are considering the treatment for severe conditions and procedures like Botox and facelifts, then it is best for you to consult a medical aesthetician. Medical aestheticians often are assisted by on-site physicians who should step in when the chances of complications increase. Also, professional clinical aestheticians will guide you through the after-effects of the treatment and help you in case of abnormal effects. 

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