Latest information on Dermal Fillers

Twenty years back, the only option available to get rid of unwanted wrinkles and sagging skin was going under the knife. The scenario has changed gradually in recent times with the introduction of highly advanced aesthetic treatments. With availability of a wide range of dermal fillers, one can easily and safely treat crow’s feet, furrows between brows, marionette lines and thinning lips. There is no invasive surgery involved or any reason to worry about a prolonged recovery time. Just an hour is more than enough to complete the entire procedure!

No wonder then that more and more professional women and even men are showing inclination towards exploring magic solutions in their endeavor to ensure eternal youthful skin. When it comes to picking up popular dermal fillers, the question doing the rounds is “Which one is right for me?” as the market is flooded with wide varieties of anti-wrinkle fillers, matching age group and skin contours. Rarely do patients doubt the effectiveness of the treatment because they know their skin is in safe hands under the supervision of experienced aesthetic medicine practitioners. 

Talk of the latest innovations in dermal fillers and few names automatically crop up like Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Xeomin and of course Botox. The main ingredients of Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are Hyaluronic acid. The non animal-based Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that can provide your dull skin a plump and youthful look. Restylane is the first dermal filler containing hyaluronic acid which got introduced globally in the year 1996. 

At present, many renowned skincare experts prefer Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers over others since these have minimal harmful effect on the skin. The human body is known to produce this chemical naturally, so when injected from outside the skin, it hardly ever reacts with an allergic reaction. The end result is soft, supple skin with a natural glow.

Doctors’ opinions vary about anti-wrinkle filler treatment as a school of thought supports Restylane application for patients belonging to the age group of 40s to early 50s but certainly not Botox for the same category. This is because Botox doesn’t fill wrinkle but prevents its occurrence by reducing muscular contractions. So they feel that Botox is the right choice for patients in between mid 30s to mid 40s. Even it works for patients in their mid 20s. Some experts are of the opinion that Botox has longer-lasting effects as compared to Restylane whose effect might start fading away after six months.

If you are planning to approach an aesthetic medical practitioner, it is very important to stay updated about the latest information on dermal fillers. It is better to prepare a questionnaire before approaching the skincare expert. After initial assessment of your skin, if he/she suggests a particular procedure, do enquire about the treatment steps, how long it would take to complete the process and most importantly what are the side effects. Finally, you should explore the practitioner’s website to know his/her track record in offering anti-wrinkle filler treatments. 

Here comes the final piece of advice. While picking up beauty treatments, don’t lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish, i.e. a natural glowing look! Stick to your goal and take the steps accordingly.