Getting lip fillers? Here are 8 things that you need to know

A perfect pair of pouty lips is rare, but now it is attainable – thanks to lip fillers. Lip injection or lip filler is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in recent times. Who wouldn’t want it if you can have fuller and plumper lips in 15 minutes? Also, it has a minimal recovery time.

Lip injection or lip filler

But as with every cosmetic procedure, there are a lot of myths surrounding lip fillers, which might make you hesitant to try it. Being cautious is of course the number-one priority, and thus we have compiled 8 points that you should know if you are thinking of getting your lips done for the first time.

1.       Research the practitioner

While it is true that it is a fast and simple procedure, you should also know that it is a procedure with risks if done incorrectly. Thus choosing a medically qualified and experienced practitioner is of paramount importance.

Research the clinic, and if a website is available, check out the reviews and the before and after pictures of their previous works. Don’t be lured in by the cheap prices offered by the salons since botched lip fillers never gives a good look!!

2.       Know your options

There are a lot of things to consider – Which product you want to use? How big would you really want your lips? Make sure to do your homework and be realistic. It is easy to get carried away with the internet and eventually get yours filled a little too much. It is always best to stay on the side of natural look without making it too obvious.

As for the lip filler product, go with the high quality one that comes with a good track record. For a long time, collagen was the most popular product for this procedure. But it is permanent, which means once botched, then botched for for atleast couple of months!! Hyaluronic acid (HA) lip  fillers like Restylane and Juvederm are the most common choices now and these are temporary - meaning if you don’t want it anymore, you can be done with it.

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3.       Sample pictures – Yes or no?

Explaining how big you want your lips might be harder than you think. Thus most people opt to bring with them a picture of a celebrity for reference. This will give the practitioner an idea of the size and shape that you prefer.

But don’t be disappointed when the result isn’t exactly the same. The anatomy of the lips is different for everyone, and the result heavily depends on the natural size and shape of your lips.

4.       Umm… It’s not exactly cheap

With the procedure being this common and quick, you might have drawn up a figure which most probably is on the cheaper side. But no!! Having gorgeous lips might mean lighter wallet. Of course, the cost varies according to the product and your practitioner, but there is nothing wrong to know what to expect.

One syringe of Juvederm can give you natural and evenly distributed look. But if you want the Instagram-type pouty look, it might easily take about two to three syringes full. One syringe clocks in at a price of about $400 to $1000. Do your math!!

5.       Forever isn’t real

Every body metabolises the filler differently, and it is faster for thinner lips which means that the effect fades fast. Italso depends on the product and the formula you choose, but the effect most usually lasts for about 6 months to a year. Snap your pictures fast!!

6.       Take it slow for the first time

Bigger lips might need some getting used to, even for you. Take a lower dose, and sit back to watch the results. If you like the result as it is, then you have found your look. But you can also go back anytime for the remaining dose. Talk with your doctor about the gradual pace and the cost involved.

7.       After-care is not hard

You can go on about your daily life about the procedure. It is true that you should stay away from aspirin and maybe hot liquids, but other than this you have no reason to believe all the fear-mongering tips that you find online. Keep everything at moderate, be it alcohol or the supplements, and you will be alright.

After the procedure, there might be a little swelling and a feeling of soreness. This usually goes down in a day or two, and putting a cold pack for some time might work.

8.       Don’t overthink

Do not panic if you are unhappy with the result. You can just go back and get it dissolved right away. If you are getting the lip fillers for the first time, go with hyaluronic-acid-based products since they can be rapidly and safely dissolved.

But remember that right after the procedure, it might look swollen, and before you decide to reverse the effect, it would be better to let it settle down for a day or two.

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