Reducing Pain due to Laser Hair Removal: Five Tips for You

Hair removal is a process which is often associated with excruciating pain. However, the strong desire to have a smooth and unblemished skin drives you, like other women and sometimes men too, to undergo this ordeal; you do want to get rid of unwanted – rather repulsive – body hair at any cost!

Of all the processes, laser hair removal is the most popular one. It is so due to the accuracy it assures in removing coarse hairs from leg, underarm, bikini line and even face. The process is completed fast, and the surrounding skin remains undamaged.

But the other side of the coin is the pain factor: any laser epilator can cause you pain, if you don’t take a few precautionary measures. Discussed below are five tips which can surely help you feel relieved of pain caused by laser hair removal, to a great extent.

Apply numbing cream

Prior to the laser treatment, you can apply topical numbing cream. Some creams need to be applied 20-30 minutes before the procedure; for others the instructions might be different.

So, it is very important that you follow the instructions correctly; otherwise it might take more time for the laser treatment to start showing results.

If unsure of anything, do consult an aesthetic medicine practitioner to be clear about the right method of application of the cream.

Select the appropriate laser epilator

There are a few laser epilators that come with air attachments. These machines blow cold air directly on the skin, which helps create a soothing effect.

The right approach would be to blow cold air on the entire skin area for a minute or two before the treatment. This can create greater numbing effect. Once the area gets sufficiently cold, the removal process can begin. 

Keep hair length short

The longer the hair length, the greater will be the pain. That is why technicians generally suggest shaving the area at least one or two days before the treatment. Shave the hair as short as possible, but make sure it remains visible for the laser to work.

Let the procedure be comfortable

Each technician has his/her own technique of using the laser. Some prefer to follow a slow, yet continuous pace; some others run the machine faster with intervals. If you are uncomfortable with the pace of the procedure, ask the technician to adjust the pace to your comfort.

The same holds true for the degree of pain. If, at any moment, you experience unbearable pain, ask the technician to stop immediately. They can always give you some time to recover, before resuming the session. 

Drink a gallon of water before the treatment 

Don’t go for the laser hair removal session without drinking plenty of water. You need to take at least a gallon of water 4 to 5 hours before the appointment. Even if you drink too much water, you won’t feel any discomfort during the hair removal session. This is one technique which can be easily adopted and that too free of cost.

The ultimate word of suggestion is that you should consult a qualified skincare expert to know everything about laser hair removal treatment, especially its benefits and side effects. Furthermore, it is important that you go for high quality treatment only for minimizing complications and pain related to laser hair removal.