Are you a Right Candidate for a Facial Implant?

Facial implant is a popular cosmetic procedure: it is done to reconstruct, or revive certain features of the face. Plastic surgery done with facial implants can make better or beautify a part of your face, which you feel has ruined your overall appearance.

Many people consider facial implants rather seriously, because they are not happy with, for example, their small chins or weak jaw lines; there are others who feel their facial curve is not perfect. Described below for your benefit are key aspects of facial implant, along with its pros and cons.

Deformities that facial implant can correct

Weak and receding chin is the commonest deformity that can be corrected with facial implants; you will have a more prominent and pleasing chin. This cosmetic procedure can be quite helpful again to make come true your dream of a well-defined full cheek.

If the call of ageing makes your face lose its contours and proportions, chin or cheek implants can correct as well facial deformities caused by injury.

Pros and cons of facial implants

The facial implant procedure, as described above, can deliver striking results in crucial areas like your chin, cheek or jaw, by correcting the asymmetry. With appropriate implants, the projection of your chin can be improved significantly. At the same time, your cheeks would appear fuller too.

The implant can be done without affecting other parts of your body; no fat grafting needs to be done from your abdomen or thigh to add volume to your face. The procedure gets completed in minimum time and the result is permanent.

However, facial implant comes with certain disadvantages too: risks of infection are there always; contour abnormalities can occur, if the process is not done properly; in severe cases, the implant can damage facial nerves or the system of the muscles of your body.

When you are considered ready for facial implant

Typically, there is no age criterion to go ahead with a facial implant surgery.  What is really important is you should have a strong general health condition. Furthermore, you need to have a positive attitude and realistic expectations.

You should have a clear idea of what exactly is your facial deformity – whether it is asymmetric chin or undefined jaw line or any other. Certain signs of ageing can be faded out too with the implant, provided you keep good health. You are considered ready for a facial implant, if you satisfy these general conditions.

How to select the right surgeon

Success of a facial implant depends a lot on the experience and expertise of the aesthetic plastic surgeon. So, it is crucial that you select your surgeon carefully, ensuring that they have adequate knowledge, education, training and authentic certification to handle cheek or chin implants.

They should have considerable experience of conducting this type of surgery. And finally, your trust and comfort level with the surgeon would definitely have a bearing upon the degree of success.

For optimal outcome of a facial implant in minimal time, you would do well to consult an aesthetic plastic surgeon; do follow meticulously the instructions of the surgeon.