Losing Weight with MIC Injections

Annual resolutions to lose weight seem to disappear into thin air. You have tried all kinds of diets and exercises only to findthat those extra pounds just do not seem to go away. It is possible that your body may need to be replenished with key vitamins and minerals for you to shed pounds. No invasive procedures and no harsh diet regimen to scare you off, can you believe it? Well, you have an amazing solution in MIC Injections to burn off excess fat. Let us fill you in more on how Lipo Shots help you in healthy weight loss with less effort.

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What are MIC Injections?

Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) Injections also termed as Lipotropic (fat-burning) Injections are intramuscular shots that target primary fat deposits throughout the body and assist in dissolving fat.These intramuscular injections release nutrients directly into the blood stream that enhance their efficacy.

How do they work?

MIC Injections contain a blend of natural vitamins like Vitamin B12, B –Complex Vitamins and a few other minerals and amino acids. When injected into the bloodstream directly, they trigger the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism that dissolves the fat stored in the body.

Methionine (M) – The ‘M’ in MIC Injection is an essential amino acid that works to breakdown fats in the liver and all through the circulatory system. Other allied benefits of Methionine include an enhanced skin tone, shinier nails and hair and better cardiovascular and muscular functions.

Inositol (I) – The ‘I’ in MIC Injection is a B-Vitamin that aids in the metabolism of fats and promotes the health of cell structures. It aids in decreasing blood cholesterol and gives you better mental clarity and improved cognitive performance.  It is naturally found in foods such as red beans,kidney beans,grains and oranges; however, it is found to be more effective in breaking down fat when administered as an intramuscular injection.

Choline (C)– The ‘C’ in MIC Injection is a key nutrient that works to detoxify the liver byflushing out waste products. It distributes cholesterol throughout the system and prevents fat buildup in a particular part of the body. It alsoleads to better performance of endocrine and cardiovascular systems.

MIC Injections should be used along with a healthy diet regimen coupled with exercise for maximum and sustained results.Each session lasts about 10-15 minutes. Specialists usually recommend two sittings per week over a course of 8-12 weeks that is decided based on your fat profile and weight loss goals. You may have to ideally repeat the procedure twice every 12 weeks for best results.


Apart from losing weight, MIC shots help you reap various other benefits.You will be in a better mood with the release of ‘happy hormones’. You will feel more energetic and experience better mental clarity.

The lipotropics in the MIC injections will help flush out toxins and bile, leading to a healthy liver. They also control appetite which means you are not going to lay your hands on whatever food that catches your fancy. Won’t this keep you on track with your weight loss goals?

Inositol is known to kick-start your immune system with better absorption of essential nutrients. So, less downtime from bad health and goodbye to insomnia and depression.Overall, you will begin to feel fit with improved digestion, reduced joint pain, regularized hormones, shinier tresses and healthier nails.

Possible side-effects

Allergic reactions to administration of vitamins and minerals are very rare. Redness,swelling and infection at the injection site may be expected. However, these mild symptoms would wear off fairly quickly. If they persist, you should consult with the provider.

One may possibly experience other side effects like shortness of breath, mild nausea, headache, stomach upset and light headedness. When you find unnatural and discomforting symptoms, it is highly recommended that you seek medical assistance immediately. For an in-person consultation, seek an appointment with a qualified aesthetic medicine specialist.