All about pigmentation: Nature, causes, and cure

The beauty conscious people out there! Are you disillusioned after noticing uneven complexion, irregular patches and dark spots on your skin? Feeling less confident, depressed and anxious due to these sudden lesions? These are signs of pigmentation, caused due to factors like over exposure to the sun and hormonal imbalance, and is found more amongst Indian women as compared to men. Pigmentation is not painful but is a matter of extreme concern as it affects your main interface of communication. People may get attracted to you because of your looks and vice versa.

Types of pigmentation

Superficial pigmentation: Pigmentation that is caused due to prolonged exposure to the sun, is generally found on the dermis or uppermost layer of the skin and is called superficial pigmentation. It manifests as dark sports, patchy skin and irregular complexion. It is not too deep and thus requires superficial modes of treatments like masks and peels.

Deep pigmentation: This is generally caused by hormonal imbalance and is also termed as Melasma. This affects the deep layers of the skin and thus requires high-end treatments like intense peel and laser etc. to alleviate the manifestations. The results of deep pigmentation are dark spots, uneven skin tones and stark patchy skin.

Results of pigmentation


Freckles are caused by sun and are predominant when the weather is sunny and diminish during the 
less hotter months.

Solar lentigines

These are dark edged brown/black patches which are caused by UV radiations. These need to be checked regularly by medical practitioners for caution against  cancer.


This is hormone triggered pigmentation and is common among women. This appears as brown patches with indistinct edges.

Post Inflammatory patches:

Such patches are brown and sharp and are basically caused by superficial skin conditions like acne, burns, bruises etc.

Treatment and cure for pigmentation

Pigmentation reduction peels:

There are quite a few useful products used for pigmentation reduction.  Vita peels are used for pigmentation caused by UV Exposure. There are similar ones like Insta Clarity peels infused with botanical actives. These abate excess melanin production, reduce intensity of pigmentation and lighten the skin with minimal downtime. Peels are superficial ways of treating the dermis and generate positive results like making you look fairer and beautiful. These are non-invasive and safe. Combining the best products with best service experts, peels give you a spotless and gorgeous look. 

Intense Laser Treatments:

Laser treatments like Insta Clarity laser, Diolite laser, and PicoWay get rid of your dark spots, patchy skin and uneven complexion instantly by acting intensely on the innermost and deepest layers of the skin. These are treatments basically for deep pigmentation conditions and melanin affected pigmentation. Acting on your face and visible areas of your skin, these are considered the best and give immediate results. It must be mentioned here that the patients must go for this after proper medical consultation. During the treatment, patients might feel a stinging or pinching sensation which is usually associated with the process.

De tan facials:

Another effective on the surface treatment for superficial pigmentation are lightening and de-tanning facials. These diminish the intensity of the sun spots and protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. This process undertakes a superior exfoliation action with Micro Derma Abrasion. Once the radicals are free from the skin, they are shed off through a thorough de-tanning process. The skin is eventually soothed with aloe vera gel. This takes care of the restoration and revitalization of the skin. At the other end of the process, Vitamin-C enriched Antox Vit-C serum is applied, followed by BioWhite facial mask. The end result is a blemish free and glowing skin.


In conclusion, whatever be the reasons that cause pigmentation, this condition should be dealt with appropriately, as the daily lives and confidence of many, are affected by it. 90 percent of Indian women and 10 percent of Indian men happen to experience pigmentation in their life time. 75 percent of the women testify the cause as Melasma and post pregnancy.  It is now a social need to look attractive and charming in order to have a lot of friends and acquaintances around. Pigmentation can also lead to confidence issues and loneliness. Putting in technology and expertise to best use, there are many ways to cure pigmentation.  Demarcated treatments are available for superficial and deep pigmentation. Get detailed information and visit a dermatologist now, if you have pigmentation issues!