Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

The ongoing lockdown across US cities has significantly slowed down life. When you cannot step out of your home, you cannot take care of many things and grooming is one of them.

Particularly, right now, for women, getting rid of unwanted body hair has become a major issue. Even though you are maintaining social distancing and mostly staying indoors, excessive body hair can still cause discomfort and embarrassment. Women usually have unwanted body hair on their faces, arms, chest, back, underarms and legs. Like many women, if you think DIY shaving and waxing to remove unwanted hair is a lot of hassle, then laser hair removal can be a good option for you.

The use of laser hair removal is a common medical aesthetic procedure in the US. In this process, the laser is focused on hair follicles and the pigment in the hair follicle soaks up the light before removing the hair. Unlike other methods of hair removal, the effects of laser hair removal are long-lasting due to high absorption wavelength and short pulse duration that destroy the hair follicle.

Why Is Laser Hair Removal So Effective?

Out of all the hair removal methods, waxing is the most painful and many women find it difficult to go through that pain. This is where laser hair removal comes in.

The advanced laser technology can treat a large part of the skin and hence treatment time is shortened. The sessions of laser hair removal are thus relatively much shorter and highly effective. So, people can get better results in fewer treatments, saving time and money in the process.

Laser technology can also treat fine light hairs as effectively as thick dark hairs.

The duration of laser treatment depends upon the area being treated. For example, an upper lip treatment may take around 30 seconds, underarm may take nearly a minute and full legs can take about 10 minutes.

At any point, just about 30 percent of the hair on the skin is in the growing stage and laser technology is ideal for treating growing hair only. This is why the treatment is crucial in every phase of hair growth.

Key Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Here are the key benefits of using laser technology for removing unwanted hair:

  • Accuracy: A physician can use laser technology for hair removal without damaging the surrounding skin.
  • Speed: The duration of a laser pulse is around a fraction of a second and it can treat a large part of the skin at once.
  • Effectiveness: Most women enjoy permanent hair removal after an average of three to seven sessions.
You must avoid waxing, electrolysis, tweezing or any other hair removal method after undergoing laser treatment as they disrupt and stimulate the growth cycle of hair.

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Do you need to get rid of unwanted hair during the lockdown? No worries, laser hair removal can permanently remove unwanted hair in no time. Read to know more.