Causes and Treatment of Acne

Are you facing persistent acne issues even when you are well past your puberty? If yes, then it may have to do with certain foods that you are eating.

Acne is a type of skin breakout that happens due to clogging of the skin pores by dead skin cells or bacteria. Things such as cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples are the outcome of clogged pores.

In the US, acne is one of the most common skin conditions. According to a report by the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affects 50 million people every year.

Various studies find a correlation between the increasing consumption of dairy products and rising cases of acne. For some people, dairy products can irritate the skin and lead to acne. If you live in California, you can get excellent treatment for acne scar removal in San Jose.

Studies Show that Dairy Products Trigger Acne Breakouts

A study comprising more than 24,000 French adults has found that foods such as milk chocolate, sugary/fatty foods, and sweetened drinks seem to increase the chances of acne breakouts.

Further studies back up the same finding and appear to support the hypothesis that the diets containing rich animal products and sugary/fatty foods may result in adult acne, as suggested by the lead dermatologist Dr. Emilie Sbidian of Mondor Hospital, Paris.

Even top estheticians in the US suggest the same thing. One of the primary reasons for acne breakout is a high glycemic diet, in which high content of sugar in certain foods can cause acne. 


These high-sugar diets change the normal dynamics of a person's hormones. For example, dairy or sugary diets increase the levels of insulin and affect other hormones, resulting in acne development.

Another latest study focuses on adult acne among people aging 18 years or older. This rigorous study included thousands of participants who filled out dietary records validated by researchers over two weeks.

In these documents, participants captured the data on all foods and drinks they consumed, along with their quantity. The participants also recorded any instance of an acne outbreak they may have encountered on top of it.

The Study Result: After adjusting several factors and certain foods such as fatty, dairy, and sugary ones, it showed that these foods potentially trigger acne.

The study further revealed that the quantity of consumption also matters. For instance, if you drink one glass of milk every day, the odds of an acne breakout go up by 12 percent. On the other hand, having a glass of a sugary drink can raise the possibility by 18 percent.

If someone consumes five glasses of either milk or a sugary drink in a day, the odds of breakouts go up by more than double or 76 percent.

Fatty foods do no good for people's skin, either. Consuming one portion of a fatty or sugary food increase the odds of an acne outbreak by 54 percent.

The study further shows that healthier foods, such as fish, vegetables, and a plant-based diet, may reduce acne instances in adults.

Many acne patients suffering from low self-esteem and depression need to understand that this skin condition is entirely treatable. First, they need to make some changes in their regular diet.

More studies are required to investigate the effects of diet, nutrition, chemicals on hormonal blood levels, and acne for better treatment.

What Should You Do When You Experience Acne Break Out?

If you are experiencing acne break out, you can try a few things to soothe the flare-up:

Do Not Apply Oil-based Cleansers and Beauty Products: If you are experiencing a breakout, try oil-free cleansers and water-based makeup remover. Always keep your face clean and dry so that your skin pores can breathe.

Try to Unclog Pores Using Alpha Hydroxy or Salicylic Acids: You can try face treatments containing alpha hydroxy or salicylic acids, as they can unclog your pores. However, consult a skin expert before doing this.

Try an Essential Oil Treatment: Essential oil like coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, excellent for acne treatment. You can also add a few drops of orange, tea tree, cinnamon, sweet basil, or rose oil to make a perfect acne-fighting home remedy.

Never Squeeze Your Acne: Any skin expert will tell you not to squeeze acne, as it will induce more bacteria to your skin and may worsen the skin condition.

See an Esthetician: This is perhaps the best way of treating your acne. Esthetics is a non-invasive and delicate treatment that will cure your acne of the core. A leading esthetician will probably use an advanced PhotoAcoustic Technology like RevLite to penetrate your skin layers beneath the acne scars and rejuvenate the skin. You can quickly get world-class acne scar removal in San Jose.


Closing Words

Considering various studies, it is worth making changes in your diet to determine if dairy products affect your skin. Consult an esthetician if you have questions about changing your dairy intake.

If you are experiencing recurring acne breakouts, it could indicate an underlying issue in your skin. We are a leading esthetic clinic and can help you with acne scar removal in San Jose from your skin's core with our unique treatment.

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